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Flyrooster studio is uses in a very wide and dynamic range of materials. 
The idea that it’s all going to the garbage can and on top all will take place in this planet for the next few hundred years was hard to carry ! I knew I couldn’t handle or store all of this fine materials so I started to collect little by little but the concept of using it to create daily product that can build to last was something that comfort me.

This Is some of the materials that are in production floor.


FlyRooster’s main and most versatile materials come from our personal world of climbing and rappelling.
These colorful, robust, 10-13mm diameter made from Nylon (PA) or Polyester (PE) are a heavy duty and yet soft material to work and design with.
These upcycled ropes comes from climbers , climbing gyms and companies that care about the environment and the sustainability movement.

Used for: Belts // Cases


Unique sailcloth such as DACRON and Polyester from riptop fabrics comes from our love of the ocean and water sports.
These very durable, lightweight, colorful fabrics are a very hard to work with but are worth it for the incredible outcome they give.
These fabrics have been worn by time and the weather but get a new life and look when used in our products.

Used for: Bags // Cases


As a vegan and ecofriendly studio, Flyroosters ideology is that working with leather is out of bounds. Instead, rubber is a good hardcore supplement. Even though it’s more challenging to design patterns and reinforce.
Bicycle, car, trucks and even tractors inner tubes and wheels are a monochromatic flexible ridged raw material to create a one-piece accessory. Loaded with low abrasion, high friction and a lot of cool symbols and patterns this lovely black material can create amazing fashion.

Used for: Belts // Cases // Bags