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Recycled materials are retold stories

Ropes, sheets, safety harnesses, fire hoses, tires and tubes, and other materials are used daily. They serve, guard, and travel with us wherever we go. Each of these materials holds a story; they “saw a world” that left a mark on them. Here at FlyRooster, these materials get resurrected again, exposing you to their past stories on the one hand, and are ready to experience new adventures with you on the other.

How it all Began

As a climber, I found that many of the materials used in my sport ended up in the trash. Since I’m also an environmentalist, caring deeply about our planet, I found it offensive that so many materials are put into the trash and discarded.

That pushed me to search for a proper way to reclaim those materials. Many of them were designed to last almost forever, and as a craftsman mastering the sewing machine, I’ve started developing new products based on those materials. In the beginning, I used mainly climbing ropes, but the deeper I went into it, I’ve started to collect, research, and reclaim many other materials.

These days, we use in our advanced workshop materials such as parachute and kites sheets and harnesses, safety harnesses and straps from the aviation industry, expired fire hoses, tire tubes, and the tire itself, and what became the star of our studio – climbing ropes.

Hand Made Stories

We believe that materials have souls. They bear the marks of time and scars of journeys they have undertaken and the handprints and stories of all the people who have had the privilege to use them, “they have seen a world.” Turning those materials into a new product retains their stories which can now continue to be told. Not just that, but now they are writing a new chapter in their lifecycle, handed over to a new person to travel and experience them as a belt, accessory, pouch, or traveler bag. 

Those stories are sewed carefully by hand, using various techniques, high-quality threads, and durable materials. After all, we care for their ongoing lifecycle, and we strive for them to serve you as their new owner and carrier in the best way possible.

Beautiful Sustainable Durability

Our flyRooster studio is guided by three values: creating aesthetic and fashionable products, producing environmentally friendly and sustainable products, and creating long-lasting, durable products that will serve their owners faithfully. So, no matter where you are, FlyRooster is all about living life to the fullest, whether in the city or out enjoying nature.

Your Purchase Make an Impact

FlyRooster up-cycles various unique materials into beautiful urban fashion and accessories out of concern for the planet and our environment. Therefore, we are deeply grateful to all of you Roosters out there who have chosen to fly with us and for those who are joining our hen house. In purchasing any of our products, you’re doing more than just becoming a customer since you’re actively contributing to the cause of preventing waste and protecting the environment.

Ku Ku Riku for that!

Find Your belt Size

how to measure

To determine belt size, measure your existing belt from the fold to the hole most used

FlyRooster belts size chart illustration

This measurement will be the point of exit from the buckle and belt size of your new belt.

In this example, you would order a 36″ belt.


* Belt measured from the fold to the point of exit from the buckle

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled

Find Your Necklace Size


There may be changes in length measurements due to the behavior of the material.

FlyRooster necklace size chart illustration

Find Your BRACELET Size

how to measure

To choose the right size of your bracelet, just measure your wrist and choose the size of the bracelet on the product page.

FlyRooster bracelet size chart illustration

There might be a slight difference in size due to materials’ natural behavior. It is recommended to add another 0.5 cm to your measurements.

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled