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Fantastic unisex belt, made of reclaimed rubber strap from a special project! Easily threaded through the pants belt loops, and it’s fully adjustable.


We celebrate the beauty of retired materials by giving them a new life as inspiring fashion accessories. We design, develop, create and produce handmade recycled ecologically conscious products, by translating recycled materials into a sustainable and ecologically aware lifestyle.

Our products are diverse, practical, made to last, aesthetic, and clever.

This black fabric belt is reclaimed from a rubber strap from a special project! Because of its elasticity, tightly woven structure, and top-quality materials, it enables free movement while adhering to your body firmly.

The nylon straps that connect the rubber belt to the buckle are made from children’s safety seats found lying on the side of the road when neer by our studio.

Its classic color is great for men and women alike, and it will look great on casual jeans as well as on tailored pants. It is easily threaded through the pant’s belt loops, and is completely adjustable even though there are no holes! The aluminum laser-branded buckle is easy to handle.

Our belts are hand-sewn using high-tech industrial machines and high-quality, UV radiation resistant polyester sewing thread, that is super pleasant for touch, strong and durable.

Care & handling:

Machine wash at or below 30°C
Air dry only!
No direct ironing.


Additional information

Buckle Color

Aluminum, Black, Green, Orange

Strap Width


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Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled

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Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled