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This neat fabric belt is a celebration of innovation and craftsmanship! It is durable, soft, pleasant, easy, and fun to wear! The mild colors and colorful zig-zag stitches of this hand-crafted belt make it great for men and women alike, and it will look great on casual jeans as well as on tailored pants.


We celebrate the beauty of retired materials by giving them a new life as inspiring fashion accessories. We design, develop, create and produce handmade recycled ecologically conscious products, by translating recycled materials into a sustainable and ecologically aware lifestyle.

Our products are diverse, practical, made to last, aesthetic, and clever.

This belt is made of a strap originally designated for the aviation and parachuting industry. The strap is a non-standard 78 mm wide one, so we had to think outside of the box as for how to make it suitable in size for pants loops and buckles. That lead us to creatively develop a singular folding technique that enabled us to sew and adjust the strap to the buckle we work with. As a result, the edges of the belt are round and flowing, and the belt’s thickness is doubled, without losing its softness!

Our belts are hand-sewn using high-tech industrial machines and high-quality, UV radiation resistant polyester sewing thread, that is super pleasant for touch, strong and durable. There are straight and zig-zag stitches in each belt, and the use of colorful threads and their combinations allows me to significantly expand my designing abilities, as well as match the various belts to various styles and occasions.

The aluminum laser-branded buckle is easy to handle and has an addictive quick release technique.

Care & handling:

Machine wash at or below 30°C
Air dry only!
No direct ironing.


Additional information

Buckle Color


Strap Width


Find Your belt Size

how to measure

To determine belt size, measure your existing belt from the fold to the hole most used

FlyRooster belts size chart illustration

This measurement will be the point of exit from the buckle and belt size of your new belt.

In this example, you would order a 36″ belt.


* Belt measured from the fold to the point of exit from the buckle

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled

Find Your Necklace Size


There may be changes in length measurements due to the behavior of the material.

FlyRooster necklace size chart illustration

Find Your BRACELET Size

how to measure

To choose the right size of your bracelet, just measure your wrist and choose the size of the bracelet on the product page.

FlyRooster bracelet size chart illustration

There might be a slight difference in size due to materials’ natural behavior. It is recommended to add another 0.5 cm to your measurements.

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled