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White Red & Blue Belt


This is a unique upcycled fire-hose 🔥 belt! It’s an outstanding streetwear accessory for both men and women, with a full-on eco-friendly statement – it is 100% handmade of recycled materials.


This vegan fabric belt is made of a doubled strengthened recycled polyester firehose.
The rubber is showing on both sides of the belt, making this recycled belt sturdier and more durable, as well as super easy to thread through the pants when released from its buckle.
I cut the strap to the desired size and use no stitches, creating a more flowing seamless look.

This artisan belt is soft, lightweight, and sturdy.
I hand sew each belt using high-tech industrial machines, and high-quality colorful polyester sewing threads, that are super pleasant.
You can play with the threading of the extra smooth edge to get a different style each time – a flowing solid black when threaded regularly, or a more contrasting combination of black and white when threaded inside out!

The high-quality aluminum buckle is fully adjustable and is connected to the belt using nits that complement its design and highlight its black-white color contrast.

An eco-friendly gift with every order!
Each item arrives with a small recycled case or key holder I create by hand from reclaimed materials 🙂

This upcycled strap belt is a celebration of recycled materials and streetwear design!
It will look great on casual jeans as well as on tailored pants, on both women and men.
It will make an exceptional urban fashion accessory gift for any person who loves and appreciates mother nature and is eager to protect our environment.
Get this fabulous artistic belt to add a unique touch of recycled vegan fashion statement to your everyday or elegant outfit!

⋆ ⋆ Item details ⋆ ⋆

All my belts carry a lifetime guarantee. This means that all my products are guaranteed forever (except for Velcro belts) for normal use.

⋆ Materials:
A recycled polyester firehose
A lightweight, fully adjustable, anodized plated aluminum buckle.

⋆ Measurements:
Width: 1.57″ (4 cm)
Thickness: 0.04″ (1 mm)
Length: Adjustable.

⋆ Sizes:
The belts are adjustable and made especially for your pants’ size (please check out the picture above). Please choose your pants size from the drop-down menu – I recommend choosing one size up, for maximum comfortability.

⋆ Care & handling
Machine wash – 30 degrees.
Air dry only!
No direct ironing.

⋆ Shipping:
Each item is shipped within 3-5 business days after the order is placed.

⋆ Packaging:
Each item is packaged in a recycled coffee bag, which I turn inside out, insert the item and sew closed.

Additional information



Find Your belt Size

how to measure

To determine belt size, measure your existing belt from the fold to the hole most used

FlyRooster belts size chart illustration

This measurement will be the point of exit from the buckle and belt size of your new belt.

In this example, you would order a 36″ belt.


* Belt measured from the fold to the point of exit from the buckle

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled

Find Your Necklace Size


There may be changes in length measurements due to the behavior of the material.

FlyRooster necklace size chart illustration

Find Your BRACELET Size

how to measure

To choose the right size of your bracelet, just measure your wrist and choose the size of the bracelet on the product page.

FlyRooster bracelet size chart illustration

There might be a slight difference in size due to materials’ natural behavior. It is recommended to add another 0.5 cm to your measurements.

Our products materials are carefully selected and individual recycled